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Our challenge coins are made of the highest quality brass, and we offer unlimited art changes and digital proofs free of charge.  

Free set up and free tooling for all challenge coins.  Our 4th generation family business has proudly supplied the highest quality military challenge coins at the lowest prices to all branches of the US military - Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and Coast Guard. We have also helped design and make thousands of challenge coins for our dedicated public servants around the world. We know that challenge coins are not just any coin but have real meaning behind them, and that is why we put our heart and soul into every coin we help create. Our challenge coins are made of the highest quality brass, and we offer unlimited art changes and digital proofs free of charge.  

We are a family owned business and have been since 1938 and our parent company (Ball Chain Mfg. Co., Inc.) is the world's largest manufacturer of ball chains making over 4 million feet per week (all of the ball chains are Made in the USA).     Our company started in a small garage in the Bronx, NY by the great grandfather and his son of the current President, Bill Taubner, of Logotags.  Pride, hard work, keeping our word and doing the right thing are words that we live by.  We provide all the ball chains for the military and we take tremendous pride in everything we do.  

Please feel free to send any art, drawings, files, images, logos, pictures, wording, etc.  and our art teams will make a custom challenge coin mock up at no cost and no obligation.   You may also make as many changes as you’d like. or or 

We are here to help 7 days a week.   Read about the history of military challenge coins and custom challenge coins here 

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Custom challenge coins for police and fire departments.   The challenge coins are gold plated with color fill


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  • One of our favorite custom challenge coins made for a one star United States Army General. On the front is says

    Custom Challenge Coins

    Challenge coins have been a tradition in the military for over a century. We've made custom challenge coins for all branches of the armed forces.   Click here to see the custom challenge coin factory in action

    Starting at just $1.46 per piece!

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    We will make almost any custom coin design or shape at no extra cost. Our art department is ready and happy to help with your design for free with no obligations!*

  • A custom challenge coin in the shape of an F-18 plan made for a US Navy Chief.


    Are you looking to have a custom shape challenge coin made? You've come to the right place. We can make almost any custom shaped challenge coin!


    Custom Challenge Coins - any shape or size - No set up fees!  Free art and Free art changes!  Since 1938!  Starting at just $1.46 per coin!

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  • gold plated custom military challenge coin with color enamel fill.

    Military Challenge Coins

    Custom Challenge Coins made to any shape or size.   Our multiple art teams stand ready to help bring your idea to life.  No set up fees and no charge for art.   We always stand behind the quality of every custom challenge coin.  

    Starting at just $1.46 per custom coin!


    LogoTags, we offer our challenge coins with no hidden fees. That means NO SETUP FEES AND NO ART FEES!

  • Wodden challenge coin display that is flat, not tiered, with four rows. Can hold up to 16 challenge coins that are 1.5

    Challenge Coin Displays

    We have multiple display options for challenge coins. From single coin displays to collector sized display racks.

    Starting at just $6.83!

  • custom challenge coin bottle opener with color fill

    Military Challenge Coins

    We have created custom challenge coins for every branch of the military. Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines.

    As low as $1.47 each!


Informational Guides

LogoTags is proud to share the below research on military challenge coins as provided by our wonderful summer intern, Erin Kruh. Our company, Ball Chain Mfg. Co., Inc. ( ) and LogoTags ( ) are proud of our rich histories, and we hope you enjoy reading about the history on challenge coins. 

The Dynamic and Differing Histories of Challenge Coins in the United States  (you can also read more about military challenge coins and custom challenge coin history from the Department of Defense website by clicking here 

Challenge coin traditions have been used at all levels of the military, within police and fire departments, and even gifted to members of Congress or other positions of honor within the U.S. for years. With such prevalent usage and widespread respect for these medallions, there are many different origin stories circulating today. Some claim these coins originate as early as the Roman Empire, being used as bonus pay for soldiers who were victorious in battle, while others claim that it was not until the more recent wars of the 20th century that these coins were minted and gifted to soldiers in the U.S. Army and beyond. The most popular theory is that, after having gifted these special coins to his fellow soldiers in his unit, a lieutenant’s life was saved by his very coin being used to verify his identity after being captured in World War I. He needed to prove his status with the allies, and it was the insignia upon his “challenge coin” that convinced his captors of his identity, ultimately saving him from execution as a traitor. From this story and others like it, soldiers were instructed to always have their military challenge coins on their person so that they could present them whenever needed, just in case.

The more modern tradition of “challenge coins” was born as soldiers would “challenge” each other to present their coins. If one failed to do so, they would have to pay for their challenger’s drink or meal. If they were able to present it, then they would be treated to a drink or meal for free. This tradition continues today, along with the tradition of honor that these coins bring to their holders. Whether these coins were gifted by the Roman Empire or only more recently, their varying origins do not change the pride they hold today. We understand how important these challenge coins are to both our history and our future, and that is why LogoTags is proud to create custom challenge coins as we honor their tradition.

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Custom Shaped Coin Examples

custom shaped military challenge coin with color fillcustom shaped military challenge coin with color fill custom shaped challenge coin with color fill78419-1-.jpgcustom challenge coin in a custom shape with color fill on both sides



We are now offering UV Printing on our custom challenge coins.   The UV color printing on military challenge coins allows color to be added to 3D and 2D areas of the challenge coins for an even better effect.  Please see below example images and click here for a video showing this amazing process -  



Challenge coins can have 2D and 3D parts on the coin.   Our design team will help determine which parts of your challenge coin are best suited for 2D and 3D designs.  2D is typically characterized by 2 levels of metal while 3D areas will have a variety of different levels.   A good way of thinking about this would be to compare a telephone pole vs a mountain.   The pole will have a top level and sides that go straight down to the bottom level while the mountain while go up at at angle and thus have many sides.    A person's face is best in 3D while a letter or number would be best in 2D.  Please see art examples below explaining the process visually.




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