Custom Dog Tags, Fashion, And Modern Pop Culture

Posted by Scott A. on Mar 07, 2018

Initially used for soldier identification, custom dog tags have recently found their way into fashion and modern popular culture. They may be inscribed with a person's details, their beliefs or tastes, a religious proverb, favorite quote, just to name a few.

Since the late 1990's, custom dog tags are worn by musicians, actors & actresses, and have been added to the jewelry collections of numerous fashion companies around the world.

Custom dog tags have also been used as marketing give-away items with companies like LogoTags offering customers the opportunity to create their own personzlied dog tags with their photos, logos, and text.

As the dog tag has become more popular with the masses more imprinting methods have been introduced. Laser engraving, color printing, and photo etching are just a couple of the new methods that are mployed to make dog tags truley custom.

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